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A Voice in The Desert Podcast

“Welcome to ‘A Voice In The Desert,’ your inclusive podcast destination located in Isabela, Puerto Rico. Our motto, ‘Everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect, but we believe that anything’s possible,’ encapsulates our mission to create a culturally relevant dialogue about God’s Word in our time and explore crucial topics shaping our society. Join us on this transformative journey as we share insightful discussions that resonate with everyone. Embrace the power of diverse perspectives and elevate your understanding of life’s profound intricacies.

My name is Cesar and I'm A Voice In The Desert 


Sep 14, 2020

¿Qué pasa si les digo que lo que les voy a decir fue profetizado hace siglos? Mira el mundo a tu alrededor; Dios es odiado, la moral rara vez existe, la inmoralidad es desenfrenada, la gente ya no encuentra la vida sagrada, los asesinatos en aumento